Upon admission to a training school, for all nursing and midwifery programmes, we require students to submit an application for Indexing within 60 days following commencement of training. Applications for Indexing are made using the Council’s Online Services Portal. Your training institution will guide you on how to complete your application.

The Council through its Indexing Section verifies submissions to ensure that students admitted to training schools meet the minimum admission criteria for their programme of choice. Once verification is completed, you will be assigned an ‘Index Number’ which is a unique reference that will remain your identification throughout training and practice. The outcome of the indexing process will be communicated to you through your training institution, SMS and email notifications.

The indexing details are to track your progress through training and determine your eligibility to sit the Council’s licensure examination.

Students who have not submitted themselves to the Indexing Process are not acknowledged by the Council and not eligible to study or practice nursing or midwifery in Kenya.


Admission Criteria

Students undertaking a nursing or midwifery programme must meet the set admission criteria, actively participate in the training programme and demonstrate progress in achieving the required competencies.

Minimum Entry Criteria: Degree [Pre-Service]

  • KCSE aggregate of grade: C+ with:
  • Cluster A:
  • English or Kiswahili: C+
  • Mathematics or
  • Physics: C+
  • Chemistry: C+
  • Biology: C+
  • Cluster B:
  • English or Kiswahili: C+
  • Mathematics: C+
  • Physical Sciences: C+
  • Biological Sciences: C+

Criteria for Upgrade to Degree [In-Service]

  • KCSE C plain
  • Diploma in nursing
  • 2 years working experience

Criteria for Upgrade to Degree [In-Service]

  • KCSE C plain
  • Diploma in nursing
  • 2 years working experience

Minimum Entry Criteria: Diploma [Pre-Service]

  • Aggregate grade : C Plain

Mandatory Subjects:

  • Biology or Biological Sciences: C Plain
  • English or Kiswahili: C Plain
  • Grade C- in any of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Physics with Chemistry

Criteria for Upgrade to Diploma [In-Service]

  • Aggregate of grade C- or Division IV in the EACE exams
  • Nursing Council of Kenya Certificate 2 years post enrollment working experience